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How Ant Infestations Start In Virginia Beach Homes 


We often consider these pests to be nuisances at their worst, but you'll likely see them as a lot more threatening once they’ve broken into your home! Ants such as carpenter ants, fire ants, odorous house ants, and Argentine ants are some of the most frustrating pests in all of Virginia. These creatures may not be able to inflict physical or violent damages to people or pets, but they certainly are able to pack a punch where it counts &n... Read More

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Chesapeake's Helpful Handbook To Tick Bites


A tick bite isn't painful, but that doesn't make it harmless. When a tick bites you, it beds into your skin, sucking your blood and potentially transmitting serious diseases. Check out our handbook to tick bites and learn what to do if you experience a tick bite. ... Read More

cockroaches on window trim

Five Reasons For Moisture Problems In Your Portsmouth Home


Moisture can damage the structural wood inside of your property.  The presence of moisture-damaged wood in a home can attract destructive pests such as termites and carpenter ants that prefer to chew through the softer wood that moisture-damage causes. This can lead to excessive destruction that requires costly repairs.... Read More

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Norfolk Property Owners' Complete Guide To Rat Control


Rats are dangerous pests to have around your home. For starters, rats spread all sorts of diseases. Not only do they carry these harmful diseases themselves, but they can also contaminate surfaces in homes with bacteria and pathogens through their saliva, feces, and urine.... Read More

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