A Guide To German Cockroach Control For Williamsburg Property Owners 


Pest remediation is such an ordinary thing, that many people don’t see it as crucial. They might not be concerned about insects or creatures; especially if they don’t see any around. Critters are always on the move though, and they'll waste no opportunity to penetrate your Williamsburg home or business. The results can be harsh; including a demolished structure, ruined belongings, and sickness. For entrepreneurs, spoiled investments and permanent closures are a possible consequence. You’ll want to block invasions by these creepy crawlers any way you can. German cockroaches are some of the worst bugs to confront. 

German cockroaches are arguably the most pervasive of the species. They have a notorious reputation for violating dwellings, and being tough to kill. If you study up on them now, you’ll know how to combat them with help from National Exterminating.

How Do German Cockroaches Function? What Are the Hazards?

Moisture, food, and warmth are what drive German cockroaches into human spaces. They won’t have a hard time entering, because they can get through small cracks. Openings in doors, windows, foundations, and utilities are their passageways. In other cases, they might travel indoors with bags, boxes, and furniture you have with you. They will eventually surround sinks, kitchens, cabinets, and trash bags. 
Adult German cockroaches are capable of flying, but they prefer to run. The brown or tan pests are 0.51 to 0.62 of an inch long. One distinctive feature they have are black bands on the back of their heads. The all black young they cultivate have these markings too, although the babies don’t have wings. Three chief infestation signs are:

  • Eggs: These cockroaches will lay eggs or leave casings in the kitchen, bathroom, and/or basement. 
  • Droppings: The fecal particles of these insects will stain the surfaces and door frames they leave the excrement on. They’ll also release their peppery grains in floor corners and drawers. 
  • Odors: The secretions and communication chemicals of cockroaches have a musty scent.

What makes German cockroaches so dangerous is that they can put human health on the line. First, they spend incalculable periods sprinting around nasty settings such as drains, piping, gutters, and garbage piles. They have spines on their legs that stick to the matter in these dumps. When they come into your home or business, they bring all the germs with them. To exacerbate the issue, these pests have bacteria on their bodies organically. It’s also in their spit, feces, and urine. Your food and countertops will undoubtedly be contaminated. Subsequently, you or someone else might contract a pathogen or virus, salmonella, gastroenteritis, and other illnesses. Asthma attacks and allergic reactions have also been known to happen as result of a cockroach infestation.

What Can You Do to Prevent German Cockroaches?

Take these actions to make your home or business less conducive for a German cockroach intrusion:

  • Reduce clutter
  • Wash and vacuum rugs frequently 
  • Use secure containers to store food and trash
  • Take the garbage out and clean dishes regularly 
  • Make sure leaks and moisture faults are repaired promptly 
  • Put sweeps on all exterior doors 
  • Close holes in utilities, windows, doors, and foundations, try using caulk 
  • Cut the grass and trim greenery often 
  • Distance plants and flowers two feet from the property

How Will National Exterminating Handle German Cockroaches?

The skilled technicians at National Exterminating will perform a thorough examination of your property to locate cockroach nests and entry points. These aspects will be properly addressed with meticulous and advanced solutions. Our treatments are completely safe and environmentally friendly. Our services are affordable and wide-ranging. Guard your health! Call us today at National Exterminating to get started! 

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