All The Ways You Could Be Wrong About Bed Bugs In Williamsburg


Given their reputation around Williamsburg as difficult pests to get rid of, people spread a lot of information about bed bugs. Unfortunately, a lot of the information that is spread about them is misinformation. That’s not to say people are intentionally trying to mislead their friends and families. In fact, most people are trying to help; they just haven’t got their facts straight. Unfortunately, when it comes to tenacious pests such as bed bugs, not knowing the fact from fiction can lead you to make unnecessary purchases and spending more money than you need to. That’s why we here at National Exterminating are here to set the record straight. So that Williamsburg homeowners know what to do should they find themselves dealing with a bed bug infestation on their property?

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Myth: Bed Bugs Are Only Found In And Around Beds, Usually In Dirty Homes

Truth: While it is true that bed bugs do like to make their homes around beds, it is not true that they will stay there forever. Bed bugs are nocturnal parasites that feed on the blood of humans. Beds and the surrounding areas provide them with easy access to sleeping humans to feed upon. While an infestation might begin around a bed, if it is not dealt with promptly, they can and will spread throughout a home, settling in wall ducts, carpets, upholstered furniture, and curtains. As for the myth that only dirty homes can become infested with bed bugs, well, it’s just that. A myth. The unfortunate truth is any home can become infested with bed bugs, clean or dirty.

Myth: Bed Bugs Spread Disease

Truth: Despite being parasites, bed bugs are not known to spread any diseases as they feed on humans. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t come without their drawbacks. Bed bug infestations have been known to cause insomnia in people who are living among them. Furthermore, scratching itchy bed bug bites can lead to secondary infections. Finally, if a bed bug infestation lasts for too long, or grows too large, it can cause anemia.

Myth: Bed Bugs Are Too Small To See

Truth: While they are small, bed bugs are not invisible. In fact, many people compare them to apple seeds due to their similar shape, size, and reddish-brown coloring. Bed bugs have flattened bodies, but they will engorge and turn to a deep reddish-purple after they have fed on a blood meal. In addition to seeing bed bugs in your home, there are some other visual signs of an infestation that you might notice, as well. For instance, you may find rust-like stains from bed bug excrement on your sheets, pillowcases, or upholstered furniture. Moreover, you might also find bloodstains in these same locations. Bed bugs can also shed their exoskeletons which you may find on surfaces in your home. Truthfully, there are plenty of visual signs of bed bugs should they find their way into your Williamsburg home.

Myth: You Can Get Rid Of Bed Bugs On Your Own

Truth: While we may like to think we are capable of dealing with bed bug infestations on our own, the truth is, without professional help, getting every egg, nymph, and adult is next to impossible. Moreover, DIY bed bug control options lead many people to buy expensive products and devices, most of which either don’t work or require expert-level knowledge to implement effectively. 

Therefore, if you are dealing with bed bugs in your Williamsburg home, don’t try to get rid of them on your own. Instead, call the pros here at National Exterminating, and let us take care of the problem for you. Don’t lose sleep over bed bugs. Give us a call and request your bed bug control treatment today!

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