Are The Silverfish In Williamsburg Dangerous?


Largely harmless pests can still spell doom for your property. Take silverfish, for example. These common pests look scarier than they are but can end up being a menace to get rid of. That’s why, dangers or no, all pest problems should be treated as significant and dire. Learning how you can prevent these insects from invading your property is the smart course for local property owners.

silverfish in home

What Are Silverfish?

Unlike their name suggests, silverfish aren’t aquatic at all. They certainly like moist environments, though, and their fluid way of moving their legs may give them the appearance of swimming. In reality, silverfish are insects that commonly invade yards and structures. While their barbed appearance makes them look quite scary, silverfish are completely harmless to people and pets. They aren’t known to bite or transmit any diseases and they don’t have any kind of venom or other dangerous traits that might make them directly harmful. However, silverfish are foraging pests that can be nightmares to completely get rid of, so it’s important to know how to spot them so you can act quickly:

  • Size: Silverfish generally only grow to a couple of centimeters in length, though the longer they have to thrive in controlled environments like homes or businesses the larger they can grow.
  • Shape: Their teardrop shape is what gives silverfish such a marine appearance when viewed from above. As they walk they appear to glide over surfaces, the same way fish swim through water. They are, in fact, land-based creatures, however.
  • Color: The other part of their name is more accurate, as silverfish have shells that are often metallic and shiny in appearance. Some can be gray, tan, or even clear in color, though.

More Ugly Than Dangerous

As we’ve already covered, silverfish aren’t considered dangerous pests. However, they can certainly cause many of the same kinds of issues on your property as other pests, including:

  • Damage: Silverfish eat keratin, which is found in fabrics that contain animal products like wool or leather. As such, they can chew through furniture, clothing, and other household items.
  • Contamination: Silverfish also forage for basic dry goods, like flour and meal that might be found in the pantry. This makes them threats for food contamination, too.
  • Proliferation: Silverfish breed often and in large numbers, which is the main reason why their behavior can lead to larger problems. The longer a population goes unaddressed, the more out of hand it will become.

Silverfish Prevention Tips & Tricks

To avoid these issues, you need to make sure you’re mitigating the factors that attract silverfish, including the access points they can use to get in.

  • Food Storage: Keeping dry food goods stored in sturdy, inaccessible containers will prevent pests from crawling or chewing their way in.
  • Moisture Control: Silverfish like damp areas, so controlling moisture buildup in and around your structures will reduce your risk of infestation.
  • Crack Sealing: A good general pest prevention step is to check your exterior for holes and cracks, making repairs to even slight ones frequently.

Professional Pest Control From National Exterminating

Even non-aggressive or life-threatening pests can wind up being much larger problems. By their nature, pest populations keep growing, contributing to gross conditions and causing property damage that’s much costlier than simply keeping up on pest control in the first place. That’s why smart property owners partner with National Exterminating, for early prevention assistance or timely removal of existing populations. We’ll get started right away on an inspection of your property, inside and out, to make sure that warning signs are caught early and acted upon.

For total protection from silverfish and other invasive pests, contact National Exterminating today.

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