How Dangerous Is It To Have Bed Bugs In My Williamsburg Home?


Sometimes, it’s the pests we think the least about that tend to be the worst. While everyone is concerned with how to keep rodents and ants out of their home, other invaders that utilize different invasion methods can catch us by surprise. We’re talking about bed bugs, tiny insects that feed on us while we sleep. Learning how these parasites get inside our homes will help you avoid an infestation.

bed bugs in home

What Are Bed Bugs?

While they are undoubtedly disgusting, bed bugs are less dangerous than other blood-feeding parasites. Mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks are all capable of spreading harmful diseases, and bed bugs aren’t known to transmit any. That isn’t to say they don’t cause health risks, however. Bed bugs infest items that are a short crawl away from people or pets, waiting for unsuspecting victims to doze off and grant access to the blood under our skin. While it’s true that often makes mattresses a prime target for bed bug infestations, they can be found in a range of places around your home. Anywhere with cloth or upholstery for them to cling to and nest within can be contaminated. As bed bugs feed and grow, they lay eggs that quickly hatch into ravenous nymphs. The sheer number of bed bugs can quickly exacerbate the otherwise mild health concerns they pose.

The Health Concerns Of Bed Bugs

Now, just because bed bugs don’t carry diseases doesn't mean that they can’t come with some serious side effects. The first and most obvious are their bites, but it’s helpful to know what those look like and what frequent bed bug feedings can result in:

  • Bites: Bed bug bites are small, red welts on the skin that itch profusely. They are often found in straight lines or tight clusters.
  • Infection: Frequent scratching at these welts, even in your sleep, can result in skin infections as the welts reopen and are exposed to bacteria.
  • Insomnia: With the extreme discomfort and psychological toll that bed bug infestations lead to, an understandable side effect is a loss of sleep.

Prevention & Control Are Nearly Impossible

Aside from how quickly they spread and how nasty their bites can be, bed bugs have yet another trait that makes them terrifying pests: their mobility. While they’re too small to crawl very far on their own, bed bugs cling to items that are in transit, essentially hitchhiking from one location to the next. That’s how businesses like hotels, hospitals, and airports become hubs of bed bug activity. Even diligent homeowners can find themselves in these areas from time to time, completely unaware that bed bugs are even nearby. That’s what makes bed bug prevention so much more complicated than other types of pest control. Keeping a clean home and repairing your exterior doesn’t protect against pests that feed directly off of us and can be carried in without our knowledge. This is why the best course of action to tackle bed bugs is to call the experts right away before the problem can grow out of control.

Bed Bug Experts Can Help

With so many terrifying facts about bed bugs being thrown out there, it can feel like the idea of keeping them out is hopeless. But with help from your local pest professionals at National Exterminating, you can reduce your risk of bed bugs and make sure extreme cases never occur. Frequent inspections by our trained technicians can help you catch problem areas early before a pest population has time to grow and cause more problems. If bed bugs are already there, you need to act fast. Don’t waste time and money on methods that won’t work, turn instead to experts right away.

Rest easy with the bed bug protection of National Exterminating.

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