Why It Is So Hard To Get Rodents Out Of Your Newport Home


The reason pest control is so difficult is that pests know that human homes provide them with food, water, and shelter. Even those who take precautions and keep impeccable properties can find themselves with an infestation, especially when it comes to rodents. Mice and rats will create access points when none are available and they can survive on the tiniest of scraps. Only by enlisting the help of professionals can you ever truly guarantee that rodents aren’t a problem.

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Mice & Rats: What To Know

The two most common invasive rodents are mice and rats. While both cause similar problems, they have different traits that are important for homeowners. A home is seldom infested with both mice and rats since they don’t like to have to fight over resources. So, in the interest of knowing which type of rodent might scurry around in your walls, take note of the following:

  • Size: Rats are generally larger than mice, sometimes more than twice the size. While mice rarely grow to more than a few inches in body length, rats can grow upwards of eight or nine inches.
  • Ears: Mice ears are circular and sit right atop their faces, while rats have pinched ears that are further back on their heads.
  • Droppings: Gross, as it may be, inspecting feces, is often the only option you have to determine what kind of pest is around. Rats have larger feces that are often curled, while mice have small, rice-like droppings.

Dangers Posed By Rodents

Despite their sometimes subtle differences, rodents share key traits that make them dangerous and destructive invaders. All of the following are problems that rodent populations can lead to:

  • Damage: Rodents have front teeth that grow their entire lives, meaning they must continuously file them down to manageable lengths. To do this, they chew on anything hard that they can fit in their mouths, including structural wood, pipes, and wires.
  • Disease: Rodents are well-documented for their ability to transmit diseases to humans, including salmonellosis and rabies.
  • Parasites: Even if rodents aren’t contaminated with diseases, they may be carriers of ticks or fleas that host their own diseases and pose larger health problems.

Why They’re So Hard To Control

The longer a rodent population is around, the more it exposes you and your loved ones to those kinds of dangers. Problem is, rodents are incredibly difficult to get rid of because they are so good at hiding. By the time you notice the damage or odors they cause, it can be too late to truly do anything to stop a rodent problem from growing. All of the following reasons are why you shouldn’t waste time with DIY solutions and should instead call the experts:

  • Bites: While rodents tend to run away from people and pets, they can be prompted to bite if they feel threatened. Rodents infected with rabies are also more aggressive.
  • Nests: Mice and rats make their nests in hard-to-reach areas of our homes. Crawling around in the walls or vents is often impossible for untrained homeowners.
  • Breeding: Speaking of nests, rodents can have multiple litters of pups per year, each of which can produce up to a dozen baby rodents. This proliferation is why many homeowners experience a resurgence of rodents a short while after treatments appear to have worked.

Let National Exterminating Help

Rodents aren’t a pest that you should try to control all on your own. From prevention to removal, the easiest way to make sure rodents are never a problem is with assistance from National Exterminating. Our trained technicians can inspect your home for any problem signs, either of existing pest activity or factors that might attract them in the future. We’ll design prevention methods for your home and offer safe treatments that work to repel a wide range of invasive pests. If rodents are already a problem, don’t waste time and money on unproven measures and instead turn directly to experts.

To truly keep rodents out of your home, contact National Exterminating today.

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