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Moisture Control Services For Williamsburg, VA Properties

Moisture problems are a huge concern for property owners. Moisture buildup overtime can weaken and even destroy the parts of your home or commercial property, and is a major factor that contributes to the presence of rodents, termites, mosquitoes, ants, and numerous other pests.

Moisture control services from National Exterminating are an excellent way that you can both protect your home from water damage and pest infestation. The climate in Williamsburg and across Virginia leaves home and business owners constantly at-risk for moisture buildup and the many problems that follow. Contact the team at National Exterminating today and find out how our team of professionals can protect your property today.

Our Moisture Control Process

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Take control of the moisture in your crawlspace with our Hybrid Controlled Encapsulation System! This system is used to seal your crawlspace off and help it breathe. The heart of our Hybrid Controlled Encapsulation System is a dehumidifier that will sample the air for 3 minutes every hour before calculating the current moisture level present and automatically making adjustments to decrease the humidity level as necessary. The moisture extracted from the air in the crawlspace is pumped outside of the crawlspace via a stand alone condensation pump with electronic sensors.

Our Hybrid Controlled Encapsulation System is programmed to know exactly when to work and when not to, maintaining your crawlspace at an optimum relative humidity range. This in turn helps minimize adverse health effects such as respiratory illnesses, allergies, and asthma. Crawlspace wood components are also kept healthy because they are now in an environment that will not support mildew and fungal growth. Moisture control customers also benefit from higher energy efficiency and cleaner, drier air on the interior of their homes.

National Exterminating Company uses a number of potential treatment additional methods to mitigate and prevent moisture issues in properties we treat. Services National Exterminating Company can provide include the following:

  • Sand can be added to the crawlspace to increase the grade and eliminate moisture intrusion.
  • Sump pumps can be installed for excessive groundwater.
  • New moisture barriers can be installed at 100% coverage.
  • Fungus treatments can be applied to the structural components in a crawlspace.

Why Choose Moisture Control From National Exterminating Company?

National Exterminating Company has provided Williamsburg with safe and effective pest control solutions since 1975. We remain dedicated to our mission of helping the people within the communities we serve keep their homes and businesses pest-free not only today but into the future.

Our professional team knows how to handle any moisture issues you might be facing so that you can save yourself from all the destruction and damages that humidity buildup can cause. Contact us today and find out why professional moisture control is an essential step to protect your property if you’re at risk for moisture problems.

Is My Home At-Risk For Moisture Issues?

There are a number of reasons that Virginia homes and properties can develop moisture problems in Virginia. Homes with a crawlspace can develop moisture issues for many different reasons. Older homes will typically show increased moisture levels due to mature landscaping, additions of outer decks or rooms, old or newly-installed HVAC systems, aging moisture barriers, or grade of the yard.

Mature Landscaping

Shrubs, bushes ornamentals that grow to the point that they no longer allow foundation vents to function properly


Room additions and decks can also block foundation vents and prevent them from functioning properly.

Old HVAC Lines

Older units can start leaking cool air in the crawlspace.

New HVAC Lines

Newly installed HVAC lines or systems with greater efficiencies can cause increased temperature changes between the crawlspace and the interior spaces.

Poor Moisture Barriers

Old moisture barriers that were installed at 85% coverage or are brittle due to age and non-effective at being a barrier for ground moisture and temperature.

Yard Grading

Poorly graded yards where the home’s crawlspace is now below the exterior grade of the yard are vulnerable to moisture buildup over time.

A home's proximity to the houses on each side of it can also play a factor in whether crawlspace foundation vents function properly. Newer homes can also develop moisture issues. Even though the home has been designed on paper with the correct number of foundation vents, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the crawlspace will function properly.

The type of wood used in the structure can also impact your likelihood that it becomes moisture damaged. Crawlspace structural lumber is typically not made the same way as it was 20 years ago: today’s fast grown, farm raised lumber does not have the growth rings that are tight like years ago. As a result, today’s framing lumber has much more sap wood in it making it susceptible to moisture fluctuations, high moisture, fungal growth, insect activity and damage.

Get Started With Moisture Control For Your Virginia Home

As a warning, other types of encapsulations will attempt to turn crawlspaces into a foam sandwich. Covering foundation walls gives inspectors nothing in which to do a visual inspection concealing termite activity. Should you have termites, foundation wall coverings such as foam boards or spray foam will have to be removed at the owner's expense before we can do a proper inspection or treatment. Foundation wall coverings make it impossible for us to warranty a home against termites.

Furthermore, when selling a home with covered foundation walls, few companies will take on the liability of writing a Termite and Moisture Letter, NPMA33 report for the seller due to the inability to properly inspect the crawlspace.

To get started with comprehensive moisture control services for your home, contact us today! Learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control services.


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