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Protection From Pests For Your Tidewater, Hampton Roads Or Southside VA Yard

Spending time outdoors is one of the benefits of living where we do. With weather that cooperates for most of the year, it makes sense to have a front or back yard that you can enjoy and where you can spend time relaxing. Unfortunately, pests often make that difficult to do.

There are many outdoor pests in Tidewater, Hampton Roads, and Southside Virginia, and often they congregate in the areas where we don’t want them to be. When mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and other pests get onto your property, they can cause many problems.

No one wants to spend time outside when they’re sure to get covered in itchy bug bites. No one wants to worry about sending their kids or pets out to play because of the threat of tick bites or the concern of bringing fleas into your house. No one wants to get sick with any of the many illnesses that these pests transmit, some of which are deadly.

Our Outdoor Treatment Service Offerings

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If pests on your property are keeping you from fully enjoying your yard, it’s time to do something about it. National Exterminating Company offers outdoor treatments to protect against common outdoor pests, such as mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas, and we have over 40 years of experience perfecting our services.

Our outdoor treatment involves spraying your yard to protect your property from common outdoor pests. We’ll treat the areas where these pests are most likely to harbor in order to eliminate them and reduce their populations on your property.

We offer this service on a one-time or recurring basis. If you have a special event coming up that you’re planning to host outdoors, such as a birthday party, barbecue, or wedding, you’ll keep your guests much happier if they aren’t being attacked by bugs the entire time they’re at your home. Our one-time service will knock out the pests on your property prior to your event so that you can have a pleasant and safe time.

If you’d rather keep pests to a minimum all season long, we offer a recurring treatment plan that includes regular service visits to keep your yard safe from month to month.

Protect Your Virginia Property From Pests

To protect your family from dangerous and annoying pests, let National Exterminating Company take care of them for you. Our outdoor treatment will allow you to get back outside to enjoy your property again. Contact us to schedule a treatment today!

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