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Reliable Pest Control In Suffolk, Virginia

Here in Suffolk, VA, we are constantly growing and evolving. As the largest city in the area, we have a lot going on. Our town is filled with friendly people, beautiful houses, and unwavering pride in being a Virginia local. Not only do we have a glowing present, but we look forward to a bright future. Unfortunately, that future is threatened when pest activity enters the equation. As such a large municipality, there are a lot of properties that make up our community, and each and every one of them is vulnerable to pest activity.

The best way to guard your Suffolk home or business against pest infestation is to call on a team of experienced pest professionals. Here at National Exterminating Company, we work hard to offer you the most comprehensive pest solutions in the area. For many years, we’ve been providing trusted residential and commercial pest control services to properties throughout the Hampton Roads area. With over 44 years of experience in the successful detection, elimination, and prevention of pest activity, you can feel good knowing you’re in the most capable hands possible. Call us today to get started!

Residential Pest Control In Suffolk, VA

Household pest infestation is a real threat for Suffolk residents, and that’s why it’s a smart idea to rely on help from pest professionals. National Exterminating Company provides reliable residential pest control services to over 21,500 homes in the area. Our home pest solutions offer homeowners year-round coverage from a long list of common household pests, such as ants, cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, ticks, mosquitoes, wood-destroying insects, rodents, fleas, and bed bugs.

We start with a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior, concentrating on common problem areas and conducive conditions to familiarize ourselves with the scope of the infestation. Then, we develop the appropriate plan of action to treat the infestation. Get in touch with us today to get your complimentary estimate, and we’ll schedule your inspection right away.

Commercial Pest Control In Suffolk, VA

Commercial pest infestation can have irreversible effects on your property, your reputation, and most importantly, on the health and safety of your employees and customers. National Exterminating protects over 7,000 local businesses from pests, providing year-round protection from the dangers of pest activity. We work with a variety of properties, some of which include warehouse spaces, restaurants, office buildings, multi-family housing, medical facilities, and homeowner associations.

After coming up with a customized plan to meet your needs, we thoroughly treat your facility from top to bottom to make sure all pest activity is completely eliminated. We then return for follow-services throughout the year to make sure you are protected on a continuous basis. Reach out to us today to talk more about your business’ pest control needs. One of our pest experts will walk you through our commercial service options, and discuss the best way to proceed.

The Consequences Of Termite Damage In Suffolk, VA

Here in Virginia, there are a number of wood-eating pests to watch out for, but termites are by far the most destructive of the bunch. They may be small, but they are capable of causing large-scale, devastating damage. How? Well, as they feed on the structural timbers of your home or business, they weaken the construction from the inside out, making it a very unsafe environment to be in. As they erode the structure over time, the damage worsens, and your property is severely compromised.

Not only do termites threaten your safety, but termite damage is extremely costly. It is estimated that home and business owners spend over $5 billion dollars every year on termite damage repair and prevention costs. Termite damage is also seldom covered by homeowner’s insurances, so it makes the costs even higher. That’s why it’s so important to guard your property against termite activity. Year-round termite control and prevention services are the best way to effectively protect yourself from these destructive wood-eaters, and the team at National Exterminating Company is here to help. Call us today.

How To Avoid Mosquitoes In Suffolk, VA

We all know that mosquitoes bite, leaving us itching and scratching into the night, but there’s a larger threat that should be considered. Mosquitoes can transmit a long list of vector-borne illnesses, leaving your health and safety extremely vulnerable. Luckily, there are some things you can do proactively to reduce your exposure to these parasitic pests.

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in sources of standing water. So, get rid of overturned buckets, tires, toys, fountains, and other potential breeding spots for mosquitoes. You should also wear insect repellent whenever you spend time outdoors. Try to wear clothing treated with DEET or permethrin, and opt for long sleeves and long pants when possible.

Another thing to remember is to install protective screens in all doors and windows. This will help prevent entry and keep mosquitoes out of the house. For year-round mosquito protection, you can count on, it’s a good idea to rely on a team of qualified pest professionals. National Exterminating Company offers complete mosquito control and prevention services, and our treatments are customized to meet your particular needs. Reach out to us today for your complimentary quote!


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