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Protecting Your New Williamsburg Home From Termite Damage

Termite activity here in Coastal Virginia is extremely heavy. Our high water table, sandy soil, temperate climate, and relatively shallow frost line allow for termite activity through all 12 months of the year. Coastal Virginia termite activity and associated damages are among the highest in the nation, making Williamsburg a hot spot for termite concerns.

Because of the risk of a termite infestation, Virginia code requires a termite pre-treatment on new construction and additions. Most home mortgage lenders also want proof the home has protection from termites before approving a home loan. National Exterminating Company provides termite pre-treatments to meet the requirements.

Our Termite Pre-Treatment Process

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The state of Virginia recognizes four types of termite pre-treatments to satisfy code requirements:

Soil Poisoning

This involves treating the soil under and around the home, dirt-filled porches, and under concrete slabs, such as garages.

Wood/Framing Treatment

This consists of treating wood framing and other wood components a minimum of 24 inches up from contact with the ground.

Bait System Installations

Consists of canisters placed around the home 15-20 feet apart that intercept foraging termites. The canisters have a product in them laced with various types of termiticides, depending on the manufacturer.

Physical Barrier System

This is a new addition to the Virginia code. National Exterminating Company does not recommend this method of treatment to control termites here in Virginia.

Due to the prolific termite activity Coastal Virginia homes encounter, National Exterminating Company considers it wise for both builders and homeowners to consult with us and develop a customized termite treatment plan for your home’s construction style. We will recommend a plan customized to your house in order to provide it with the best defense possible against termites and the damage they cause.

Termite Protection For Your Virginia Home – Before It’s Even Built!

Keeping your new home safe from wood-destroying termites starts before you even build the house. When you choose National Exterminating Company to take care of your termite control needs, you’ll receive termite treatments tailored to your home’s unique style and needs. Don’t let termites move in with you. Contact National Exterminating Company to keep them out.

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