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Termite Pre-Treatments For New Construction

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Virginia code requires a termite pre-treatment to be done for new construction of homes and additions. Most lenders for home mortgages will also want proof that the home has been pretreated for termites before they issue a home loan.

Typical Types of Construction

  • Slab foundation: meaning the home was built on a concrete slab and there is no access to the underside of the home.
  • Crawlspace foundation: meaning the home has been elevated on foundation block allowing access to the underside of the home. Typically a snug fit, thus the name, where one would have to crawl to fit under their home.

Virginia recognizes four types of termite pre-treatments to satisfy code requirements:

  1. Soil poisoning – consists of treating the soil under and around the home, dirt filled porches and under concrete slabs such as garages
  2. Wood/Framing treatment – consists of treating wood framing and other wood components a minimum of 24 inches up from these components being on contact with the ground
  3. Bait system installations – consists of canisters placed around the home 15-20 feet apart that would intercept foraging termites. The canisters have product in them laced with various types of termiticides depending on which manufacturer is chosen
  4. Physical barrier system – newly added to Virginia code. National Exterminating does not recommend this method of treatment to control termites in Tidewater, Hampton Roads, and Southside Virginia.

Termite activity here in Coastal Virginia is extremely heavy. Our high water table, sandy soil, temperate climate and relatively shallow frost line allow for termite activity during all 12 months. Coastal Virginia termite activity and associated damages are among some of the highest in the nation making Coastal Virginia a hot spot for termite concerns.

Due to the prolific termite activity, homes in Tidewater, Hampton Roads, & Southside Virginia encounter National Exterminating considers it wise for both builders and homeowners to consult with us and develop a custom termite treatment for each homes construction style. We can suggest portions of all termite treatments allowable to give our homes the best defense possible against termites and the damage they cause.

Homeowners upgrade their flooring, windows, siding, etc… Why not upgrade your termite treatment? One size of termite treatment does not fit all so please consult with National Exterminating to design the best treatment for your home.

Due to heavy termite pressure, termite pre-treatment in Virginia is required by code for new construction. Builders need to provide the NMPA-99 A&B form prior to homeowners closing on a home. Virginia allows 3 different methods of approved termite treatment pre-treatments:

1.  Treating exposed framing with a Borate solution
2.  Soil poisoning
3.  Termite bait and monitoring systems


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