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Understructure Repairs In Tidewater, Hampton Roads & Southside VA

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National Exterminating has a talented crew with years of experience in understructure repair. A few of the many services we specialize in are insulation removal, subfloor replacement and repair, girder and floor joist repair, additional pier systems and secondary girders, band joist, entry door replacement.

National Exterminating is a licensed, fully insured Class C contractor and we are more than capable to handle home repairs and projects. Crawlspace repairs can be very challenging for homeowners in Tidewater, Hampton Roads, and Southside Virginia due to the lack of space along with the existing wires, plumbing, utility lines, sprinkler systems and HVAC systems. Our techniques for working in these confined spaces have been perfected over time. National Exterminating works closely with city officials as needed to ensure adherence to local code requirements. We are very proud of our skilled in-house team of technicians eliminating the need to hire subcontractors for most jobs. Subcontractors will only be brought in as needed to complete electrical portions of our projects.

From moisture control in Tidewater, Hampton Roads, and Southside Virginia with crawlspace encapsulation systems to repairing and replacing crawlspace structural components, National Exterminating can develop an individualized plan to ensure the health, comfort, and protection of each customer’s home.

Please view our before and after photographs. These photos provide a nice visual snapshot of the difference that National Exterminating made at the completion of the project. We also invite you to read our customer reviews!


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